Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Show!New Station! 27th July 2015 BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN: Getting-to-know-Alvin Edition

Well that happened quickly. Found that I could fill a slot at NUCLEAR ROCK RADIO and developed a new show called BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN. Expect the usual SlamminAlvin staples, good tunes, some requests, new bands, and lots of love for pop-culture. 

For my first show we "got to know Alvin" by playing some of my favorites, trounced a little bit on Kylie Jenner's unfortunate wardrobe choice, and rocked OUT in the new digs.

Happy to be a member of the NRR family, and hope you can take the time to tune in Mondays at 12PM CDT US, 18:00 UK.

Playlist for 27th July 2015 BURN HOLLYWOOD BURN


Saturday, May 26, 2012

Reality SUCKS 21 May 2012

AWESOME show tonight. Great requests. Pretty much what you expect on a METAL MONDAY on INFERNAL ROCK RADIO during my shows.


What are you doing WEDNESDAY nights? Watching America's Got Talent? Turn off that CRAP and tune into MISTER DELANGUS at 6PM EDT - 11PM UK for a killer killer mix of THE METAL. You never know what this guy will say or do on the air, and the METAL is FIRST RATE.

See you MONDAY  28 May 2012 at 20:00 EDT for the MEMORIAL DAY EDITION of REALITY SUCKS!

This weeks playlist

Artist Title
Hellfighter 03 - Legacy of Hate
Hellfighter 07 - Epitaph
Kyrbgrinder 04 - People of the Free World
Sanctuary 01-Battle Angels
Helloween 03 - The Saints
Mercyful Fate Desecration Of Souls
Charred Walls Of The Damned 02 - From The Abyss
Chimaira 02 - Without Moral Restraint
Chimaira Down Again
M.O.D. Dead Men-most-captain Crunch
Decapitated 04 - Post() Organic
Devildriver 02-Pure Sincerity
Distraught 03 - Cradle Of Violence
A Perfect Circle Sleeping Beauty
Green Day Wake Me Up When September Ends
AC/DC Guns For Hire
Kiss 01 - Unholy
Kiss 06 - Domino
Red Hot Chili Peppers 13-Johnny Kick A Hole In The Sky

Die Hard Till Death 03 - Weak are the Cruel
Anthrax Only
Arch Enemy 10 - Symphony Of Destruction [Megadeth Cover]
Destruction Whiplash [Metallica Cover]
Judas Priest 07 - The Sentinel
Powermad Slaughterhouse
S.O.D. Pussy Whipped

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reality Sucks Monday 07 May 2012

Fresh off from a trip to THE CROWS NEST to play IT Goon and hang out with DREAD PIRATE VANE, I had a KILLER show for everyone on this night. Thank you to Dread and Mrs Pirate Vane for their hospitality. Hope to see you guys again soon.

This was my first official show post the passing of Adam Yauch a.k.a. MCA. Three from the Beastie Boys had to happen in his honor. You will be missed MCA. RIP and god bless to your family. \M/

Highlights Include
Kim Kardashian is rolling around in Kanye's Benz. I took offense to this. Here is the excerpt.

Be sure you check out all of the killer shows on INFERNAL ROCK RADIO - Wednesdays at 3PM EDT US - 8PM UK you can catch DJ BEASTY from the UNDERWORLD. Beasty has an eclectic taste, mad game while booking interviews, and a unique perspective on THE METAL. His shows are a must catch. ALLO BEASTY \M/

Here is this weeks Playlist

Artist Title
Havok 07 - Scumbag Is Disguise
Havok 01 - Prepare For Attack
Armageddon 03 Stranglehold
Bonded By Blood 02-Feed The Beast
Overkill 02 - Electric Rattlesnake
Plector 03 - Alcoholic Refuge
Rising Dark 03 - This Is War
M.O.D. Get Up And Dance
Beastie Boys 01 - Sure Shot
Beastie Boys 107-so whatcha want
Beastie Boys 06 - The Sounds Of Science
3 Inches Of Blood 05 - Dark Messenger
Skeletonwitch 05 - Erased And Forgotten
Cannibal Corpse 06 - The Pick-Axe Murders
Chimaira 01 - Slaughtered
Chimaira 01 - The Age of Hell
Lo-Pan 02 - Bleeding Out
Lo Pan 03 - To The Bone
Carcass 04 Heartwork
Testament 10 Seven days of May
Testament 06 - Disciples Of The Watch
Angelus Apatrida 03 - Violent Dawn
Kreator 05 - destroy what destroys you
Prey For Nothing 06 - Deciphering The Signal
Reign Inferno Excommunicated
Revocation Pestilence Reigns
Anthrax Caught In A Mosh [Live]
Van Halen 05-I'm The One
Ratt 01-Wanted Man

Saturday, April 28, 2012

BOA Friday Night 27 April 2012

Reality Sucks took the night off this week to make way for a BOA Friday Night birthday/reunion show. For those that are unaware. BOA Friday/WBOA is what Jimmy K and I did before coming to INFERNAL ROCK RADIO. We don't remember the exact date in 1989 that we did our first show. However, it was in April. Happy 23rd birthday BOA'ers.

Jim kicked off the show with three from Disturbed which is tradition. The menu on this evening included 3 varieties of Bratwurst. PepperJack Cheeseburgers as well. Cannot forget the pretzels. We had a mustard meltdown. There was a bottle of Ardmore Single Malt Scotch, Bullet Bourbon, and plenty of brews. Metallica at 7PM (tradition). We did BOA Sports. We did Doug of the Week. I was an hour late playing Chimaira at 10 (tradition). We dug up a few "missing" WBOA classic commercials. Killer requests from everyone. Great show.

Thanks goes out to Jimmy K, E-DUB, The Executive Chef, BeerBongBen, The Bachness Monster, and The uBerDoug for all contributing to the show.Thanks goes out to DJ FOX for the killer tunes and for allowing us to take the feed a little early on this night \M/ - Be sure you all check THE FOXHOLE every Friday at 3PM EDT - 8PM GMT \M/

Be sure you tune into all of the awesome shows on INFERNAL ROCK RADIO - requests on the fly - great chatroom. BEST METAL ON THE NET.

This weeks playlist;

Time played Artist Title
17:10:19 Disturbed 13-God Of The Mind
17:13:22 Disturbed 05 - Another Way To Die
17:18:05 Disturbed 12-Meaning Of Life
17:24:41 Metal Church Date With Poverty
17:29:57 Anthrax Madhouse
17:35:35 Nashville Pussy Fried Chicken and Coffee
17:40:25 Judas Priest All Guns Blazing
17:44:17 Iron Maiden Where Eagles Dare
17:51:52 Lords of the Trident Chains on Fire
18:00:06 Kill Junior Distract -O- Matic
18:05:42 Kill Junior The Drunkening
18:12:09 Kill Junior Gooberville
18:22:02 Mustard Plug Beer (Song)
18:25:38 Diamond Head The Prince
18:32:03 Suicidal Tendencies You cant bring me down
18:37:08 Black Sabbath Iron Man
18:42:59 Dead Kennedys California Uber Alles
18:48:08 Helliphant Super Dave
18:52:36 Direct Hit! Living Dead
18:54:53 Tiger Clutch Fuck Shit Up
19:03:48 Metallica Where The Wild Things Are
19:10:29 Metallica Metal Militia
19:15:26 Metallica And Justice For All
19:25:22 Arms Aloft Dreams Are Dogs That Die in Their Kennels
19:27:52 Red Hot Chili Peppers Taste The Pain
19:32:24 Faith No More The Morning After
19:36:01 Black Flag My War
19:39:39 Whisky Pig Dirty Things
19:42:06 Exodus Toxic Waltz, The
19:46:55 System of a Down Chop Suey
19:52:57 Mudvayne Nothing To Gein
20:05:24 Led Zeppelin 02-The Rover
20:10:46 Led Zeppelin 03-The Lemon Song
20:17:21 Led Zeppelin 08 - The Song Remains The Same
20:23:37 Savatage 03 - Chance
20:39:53 Infectious Grooves Do The Sinister
20:43:49 Ozzy Osbourne Killer Of Giants
20:49:58 Immortal 03 - Tyrants
21:05:58 Van Halen 01-Where Have All The Good Times Gone!
21:08:44 Van Halen 01-And The Cradle Will Rock...
21:12:36 Van Halen 10-Beautiful Girls
21:26:21 Death 05 - Pull the Plug
21:31:00 Swans 04 - Celebrity Lifestyle
21:35:16 Trivium 03 - Pull Harder On The Strings Of Your Martyr
21:42:16 Black Breath 05 - Endless Corpse
21:56:16 Totem 07 - Another You
22:09:30 Chimaira The Venom Inside
22:14:08 Chimaira Power Trip
22:17:24 Chimaira 06-killing_the_beast
22:24:34 Bury Your Dead 12 - Losin' It
22:26:05 Bury Your Dead 02 - Nothing Is Lost Save Honor
22:34:16 Slayer 06-Ghosts of War
22:38:21 Mudvayne Dig
22:41:14 Sepultura Desperate Cry
23:02:33 Ozzy Osbourne 06 - The Wizard

Monday, April 2, 2012

Reality Sucks - Friday 30 March 2012

Technical difficulties delayed the start of the Friday Edition of REALITY SUCKS on INFERNAL ROCK RADIO - but killer show nonetheless. Great requests. Matt in the U.K. was up all night and sent in a bunch of requests in the last hour. Jeff in LO CAL also sent along some good requests. Timmah and EDGUY also sent in some requests. You can also send in requests by going to the INFERNAL ROCK RADIO chatroom and hit up the yellow REQUEST button.

Be sure you all tune into INFERNAL ROCK RADIO on MONDAY afternoons for THE LAIR with THE BACHNESSMONSTER - he brings you the best underground metal EVERY week from 5-8 Eastern. Get your ass into the chat, roll up a spliff, and ENJOY THE RIDE.

See you all MONDAY 02 April at 20:00 EDT for another edition of REALITY SUCKS on INFERNAL ROCK RADIO

Requests in BOLD

Time played Artist Title
19:29:11 Exodus Fabulous Disaster (Live)
19:35:16 Exodus 08. Burn ,Hollywood ,Burn
19:39:36 Casket Robbery 02 - Gary Busey The Transcendent One
19:42:54 Havok 07 - Scumbag Is Disguise
19:48:52 Testament Henchman
19:52:47 Crown The Lost 02 - Separate Blood From Waste
20:05:37 Vektor 05 - Venus Project
20:12:31 Vektor 03 - Dying World
20:20:06 M.O.D. Bubble Butt
20:20:49 M.O.D. Spandex Enormity
20:26:47 M.O.D. 01-Wigga
20:38:43 Austrian Death Machine 06 - See You at the Party Richter
20:42:08 Meshuggah 02 - The Demon's Name Is Surveillance
20:48:16 Overkill 01 - Come And Get It
20:54:54 Overkill 03 - Wish You Were Dead
21:03:40 Arch Enemy Bloodstained Cross
21:08:42 Arch Enemy 03 Nemesis
21:13:39 God Forbid 07 - Overcome
21:18:07 Byfrost 03 - Buried Alive
21:24:08 Soilwork 06 Stalemate
21:28:39 Carcass 05 Embodiment
21:40:23 Cream 01 - Strange Brew
21:43:43 Green Day Basket Case
21:47:17 Guns N' Roses Bad Apples
21:52:06 Graveworm Losing My Religion [R.E.M. Cover]
22:03:13 Obituary 01 - Don't Care
22:06:38 Obituary Slowly We Rot
22:10:57 Cannibal Corpse 02 - Fucked With A Knife
22:13:10 Skeletonwitch 04 - Choke Beyond Betrayal
22:17:03 3 Inches Of Blood 03 - Leather Lord
22:22:42 Van Halen 03-Somebody Get Me A Doctor
22:25:42 Van Halen 04-Romeo Delight
22:35:44 Sex Pistols 02-pretty vacant
22:39:58 Nirvana Lounge Act
22:43:01 S.O.D. Freddy Krueger
22:45:27 Anthrax Milk (Ode To Billy)
22:48:53 S.O.D. Pussy Whipped
22:52:06 Riotgod 09 - Loosely Bound
22:59:29 Suicidal Tendencies 11 - Evil       

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Reality Sucks - Friday 23 March 2012

23 March 2012 - Reality SUCKS

Great show tonight on INFERNAL ROCK RADIO. Only a few requests. Great tunes. Good company. A phone call from BEASTY. A pair of ROKKER GIMLET MARTINI's. NOM NOM

DJ FOX extended the FOXHOLE one hour to hand me the feed. Thanks for the bonus hour Danny. Show prep goes so much better when there is a DJ on the air before me. Be sure you all check out THE FOXHOLE with DJ FOX every Friday at 3PM EST/8PM GMT for his killer shows.

Staring the show off with SUBATOMIC is always a good thing. It's been a few weeks since I played them on air. \M/ - Requests from BEASTY - DJ LUKE - and BONES McKRACKEN made for a good second hour. JIMMY K and ROKKER of MaximumInkRadio stopped in to studio for a drink and a chat. Always good to see those two. Rokker brought along his Mobile Martini Mixins and made us up a couple rounds of ROKKER GIMLET MARTINI's. YUM YUM

Be sure you all check out the other great shows on INFERNAL ROCK RADIO - Such as THE MELTDOWN with DJ LUKE every Thursday at 2PM EST - 7PM GMT - Luke brings a colorful and expanding mix of METAL along with his twisted wit. A MUST-NOT-MISS show that is SlamminAlvin approved.

Playlist below - Requests in BOLD

Time played Artist Title
19:11:46 Subatomic 01 - Sanctum Cerebellum
19:16:51 Subatomic 01 - Hey Fool
19:21:41 The Sword 03-Lords
19:26:34 Orange Goblin 02 - Solarisphere
19:34:19 Weedeater 01 - God Luck And Good Speed
19:39:07 Weedeater 05 - $20 Peanut
19:51:22 Helmet Ironhead
19:55:04 Helmet DrugLord
20:00:01 System Of A Down Peephole
20:04:12 System Of A Down Sugar
20:10:07 Texas Hippie Coalition 05 - Pissed Off And Mad About It
20:14:27 Texas Hippie Coalition 01 - Intervention
20:19:26 Black Label Society 07-hell is high
20:22:52 Pro-Pain 02 - Left For Dead
20:27:29 Die Hard Till Death The Will (Remix)
20:31:15 Die Hard Till Death 04 - Hell is Afraid
20:46:41 Black Sabbath Fairies Wear Boots
20:52:53 Faith No More Zombie Eaters
21:06:23 Tool Stinkfist
21:11:41 Tool 02 Part Of Me
21:16:42 Filter HeyManNiceShot
21:21:25 Fight Little Crazy (Live)
21:26:55 Infectious Grooves Do The Sinister
21:50:00 Machine Head Imperium
21:56:46 Machine Head 02 - Bite The Bullet (Live)
22:07:44 Last Crack 12-Love, Craig
22:13:04 Last Crack 15-My Burning Time
22:18:06 Faces for Radio 01-How Good It Could Be
22:22:14 Alice In Chains Check My Brain
22:28:10 Soundgarden Fell On Black Days
22:32:43 Mother Love Bone Stardog Champion
22:43:14 Aerosmith Heart'S Done Time
22:47:52 Aerosmith Lightning Strikes
22:52:58 Jane'S Addiction Ain'T No Right
23:01:17 Vai, Steve The Animal

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Reality Sucks - Monday 19 March 2012

HOLY SHIT! A SlamminAlvin blog update. Imagine that.

Good show tonight. Good chatroom turnout. I was doing show prep during The Lair with The BachnessMonster. He always kicks of METAL MONDAY properly - this week he had an interview with NewEnglanders SKROGG. Excellent band. Go listen. Bach busted out the Stoner Metal tonight. \m/

Back to show prep - I got most of the way through my prep to realize that 19 March 1982 was the day that former Ozzy Osbourne guitarist Randy Rhoades was fatally injured in a plane crash. This put a bit of a damper on my mood as I remember that day well. You will see the pair of Ozzy tracks from "Tribute" later on in my playlist. RIP Randy. Still remembered and your music still holds up 30 years later. \M/

 I stuck with the Thrash/Death the first half of the show. Double shots of Cavalera Conspiracy and GOJIRA. 19 March is also the birthday of Patrick McGoohan, of THE PRISONER. Hence the Iron Maiden track HAD to be played as that Maiden track is one my all time favorite tracks. I went NWOBHM after that - mixed in FURY at the top of the 3rd hour as they will be in the UNDERWORLD with DJ Beasty 21 March.

Be sure you check out ALL of the shows on INFERNAL ROCK RADIO - Sunday nights ASYLUM with DJ CRYMZON is one in particular that you all need to go listen to. Crymzon likes the sleaze n roll. He's typically at the sauce too which makes for good radio. 6PM EST - 11PM UK - Tune in. Come into the Chatroom, Make a request. He won't bite.. Hard.....

I will see you all Friday 23 March at 8PM EST for another edition of REALITY SUCKS. ALL METAL.

Time played Artist Title
19:09:24 Cavalera Conspiracy 01- Warlord
19:12:38 Cavalera Conspiracy Terrorize
19:16:22 Byfrost 03 - Buried Alive
19:21:24 Metallica 06 - Leper Messiah
19:28:52 Convicted The Legion Of The Damned
19:33:32 Nuclear 02 - Eleventh Block
19:45:41 Havok 05 - Covering Fire
19:49:51 Prey For Nothing 08 - Homemade Holocaust
19:54:20 Overkill Loaded Rack
20:06:57 Gojira 02 - Toxic Garbage Island
20:11:25 Gojira 07 - All the Tears
20:18:01 Jungle Rot 04 - Kill On Command
20:21:09 Exmortus 08-Onslaught
20:26:57 Distraught 03 - Cradle Of Violence
20:31:08 Decapitated 02 - Blessed
20:43:49 Iron Maiden Prisoner, The
20:49:43 Judas Priest Hellion, The
20:50:25 Judas Priest Electric Eye
20:54:29 Saxon 01 - Hammer Of The Gods
21:06:38 Fury 01 - Burn The Earth
21:11:25 Fury 04 - Life Eternal
21:17:25 Diamond Head 10 - Helpless
21:23:58 Motorhead 08-Motorhead (Live)
21:28:53 Fastway 08-Say What You Will
21:32:24 Fastway 05-Heft!
21:44:52 Ozzy Osbourne Suicide Solution (With Guitar
21:52:56 Ozzy Osbourne Flying High Again (Live)
22:01:59 M.O.D. 07-Ass-ghanistan